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We design and develop 3D printed products, software and hardware for the veterinarian market and the equestrian market. We are developing implants, tools and devices for the medical market and are set to bring 3D printed products to the equestrian market. We want to be sure that we make products that will actually work for our customers, so we develop them alongside industry experts in their fields. The best results come from involving end users from the start.

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A low poly triangle metal heart

Veterinarian Market

We are developing customisable implants, tools and devices for the veterinarian market using a variety of 3D printed materials including titanium, ceramics and bioresorbable materials.

A low poly metal horse

Equestrian Market

We are in stealth mode developing 3D printed products for the equestrian sports market to improve the riding experience and work towards the welfare of the horse.


Function defines form. We develop innovative 3D printed products using state of the art technology and high-performance materials. The products we design are customisable using our innovative software, leveraging the customisation opportunities 3D printing offers.


3D Printed Dental Implants for the Veterinary Medicine. r3Dent is a complete 3D printing solution for equine dentistry. In just three steps – scan, prep, print – you will be able to fabricate your own implants using an innovative uv resin made from plant-based sources.

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Therasys set Image

The world's first 3D printed customisable titanium therapy system for bone cysts with a porous structure that can be customised to your needs and custom equipment. No 2nd operation needed due to inert material and bioadhesive property.

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anatomical models

3D printed equine anatomical models. The benefits of printing accurate 3D anatomical models are numerous. From veterinary use, to medical students to school students, being able to see just how the body parts are put together is an invaluable learning tool.

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Works like magic. We design and develop software to enable 3D printed products. With our software you can digitalise real world data in high quality and customise the your 3D product to your needs.


Turn photos into stunnning 3D models.
Simply take photos of the object you want to digitalise and we will convert your photos to stunning 3D models. Export the models for 3D printing.

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iPhone showing the r3DScan app scanning a face

3D Scan in just seconds. Capture amazing 3D scans on your phone using the FaceID technology on your iPhone. Scan in a matter of seconds, edit on device and share the model in various file formats.

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Edit your 3D Models. With this innovative and simple CAD system in the cloud, you can edit your 3D models by scaling, cropping and sculpting the model and export for 3D printing.

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A Macbook showing the r3Dent Software with a 3D model of a tooth
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A low poly triangle metal heart