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Got anatomical models to 3DĀ print?Ā  Serving a variety of tasks in the medical industry, including practice dummies, educational aids and preoperative planning, anatomical models are an integral element in efficient treatment and health care practices.

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3DĀ Printed Horse Skull. This model was converted from DICOMĀ data to a 3DĀ model with Horos Mobileā„¢, using the r3volutionDĀ integration and 3DĀ printed using our 3DĀ print starter kit.

3DĀ Printed Heart. This model was converted fromĀ DICOM data to a 3DĀ model with Horos Mobileā„¢, using the r3volutionD integration and 3D printed using our 3DĀ print starter kit.


Personalized anatomical models illuminate the patient's anatomy and aim to clarify your understanding of the pathology. These models are also effective for student education.

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DICOMĀ to 3D Print

With our integration into Horos Mobileā„¢, you can segment your DICOM files and export the resulting 3DĀ models for 3DĀ printing. We can print them for you or you can print them using our 3DĀ Print Starter Kit.

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3DĀ Print Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started with 3DĀ printing. Our 3DĀ Print Starter Kit gives you the ability to print your own models at your lab or practice using an innovative Bio-UV-Resin made from plant based materials.

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A low poly triangle metal heart