Veterinary Medicine

We create 3D printed products for the welfare of the horse in veterinary medicine. Through the use of innovative 3D printing technology, we are able to improve the lives of horses and those who care for them in veterinary medicine.
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3D Printed Dental Implants for Equestrian Dentistry

A complete 3D printing solution for equine dentistry. In just three steps – scan, prep, print – you will be able to fabricate your own implants using an innovative uv resin made from plant-based sources.
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Dashboard mockup

3D Printed Titanium Therapy System

A bone screw for bone cysts with a porous structure that can be customised to your needs with custom equipment. No 2nd operation needed due to inert material and bioadhesive property.
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3D Printed Equine Anatomical Models

The benefits of printing accurate 3D anatomical models are numerous. From veterinary use, to medical students to school students, being able to see just how the body parts are put together is an invaluable learning tool.
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